katygirl24 (katygirl24) wrote in emopoetsociety,

im doing this out of my mind right now....

 it is times like these where everyone is soposed to be happy
we are soposed to be marry,
but what if the only thing you can be is sad
what if the only thing you can see instead of the turkey or that christmas tree 
is the darkness all around them
the things on these days most people block out
its the holidays they say
but the darkness doesnt celebrate
the darkness is just always there
to make a move on it would be deadly
but thats what you think bout
not the presents or the pumpkin pie
but how to make a move without the darkness there
to fill up your mind and black it all 
so there is nothing there 
but the thoughts everyone leaves behind
the things that make them cry on everyother night
its goes to the darkness on the holidays 
makes it bigger 
and for those who always see the darkness
see its grow
see the pain and the suffering everyone doesnt want on these days
just because its thanksgiving
well thanks for giving those who see the darkness
see there death
cuz the darkness knows if you can see it
its know when u move
but some make a move on it and its brings there death
so again let us say thanks
and really think bout those thoughts that you dont want
the things that u dont want to give thanks to because they make you cry
well then think bout who else your giving thanks to 
they are the ones who see the darkness
they are the ones that see your pain

by katy

yeh emo
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