To A Heart

What if after this life...?
You'd fall so in love with me?
When our eyes meet in time
Emerald pools deplete into my ocean blue
And the vintage record begins to skip
As we begin this dance again
I must confess
Hoping you who is so far away will notice me
I look up to the throne upon which you sit
So very high above me
Like Luna in the sky
You with your crown
Winds blow
My breathe escapes me
And I hear leaves rolling across like marching feet
A momentary distraction
An outstretched hand as if only to kiss
Where all my eviscerated feelings wish to reach you
Longingly, my absinthe fairy
With how love screams from my lungs and rains down like marbles falling from the skies
Of every color and every design
All around you
Where I will envelope you, consume you, devour you, and inspire you
I'd wish to kiss the orchid in which you withhold
And show you all wonders of love in this vast world
Caressing you in weeping kisses to carry you over the edge
So fade away with me into another time and another place
We will meet again my little lamb
You and that fleece of yours
Until then, sing me a song
Sing me to sleep
Where I can hope to dream of you and me.

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Endeavors of the Heart

This longing hurts me more then you know
With every breath I take
I shake with anticipation
Till I see you again
Deny me the right endeavors
Of my weak heart
I am wrong
You just don't understand
You never will
Why am I always the only one
Chained, alone in the shadow of your future
She see's right through me
I am paralyzed by that gaze
I can never move, never
When our eyes meet she smiles
So gently
And my heart skips a beat
I am devoured in that rapture
Then she is gone and I am stuck here
Wanting her more and knowing I'll never have her.

This Sore Heart

You were the last person I thought I'd fall for
Now I am riddled with dismay and pain
My sore little heart holds you
You're not my own
And how I wish you'd hold me like he does you
So I wish you far away
And let me forget your face.

t!ck tØck

Tick tock goes the clock of life
Another day passes by in stormy strife
A vessel in a restless tempest sea
I, wrestling the beast that won't let me be

Tick tock as the deadlock clicks
Why won't they leave me alone, those dreadful pricks
Words of poison that taint my soul
The toy of Death that rips a hole

Tick tock as war ravages within
Misery stems from death and sin
The heralds of battle, why won't they stop
As four saddle up, hear the hooves clop

Tick tock, the clock goes unstopped
Opposite of life, which feels like a lock
As it fades away, the tickity tock
Like the flight of a thousand-bird flock
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In a well

Stuck in a deep dark hole in the ground
at random the walls cave in and attack

people on ground level fighting
cussing, yelling, screaming...pleading
You hear gunshots and you can't do a thing

The walls yell at you
tell your flaws, real and unreal, old and new

a man yells down the hole how your worthless
how you only disappoint
you know they're lies, but they hurt just the same

the man drops the bucket and it hits you
you sit down in the muddy water
there's no way out and you don't want saving

it rains and the water rises
you wait till it gets high enough to drowned you
it gets up to your waist...and stops

it was only teasing you
playing with your mind

then the water laughs at you
for being so daft and gullible

your going to die soon
thats a fact

why don't you just get it over with
save yourself all the pain

1, 2, 3 and your under
the muddy water filling your lungs
can't breathe

you resist coming up, knowing wat'll happen if you do

everything fades out
your sight
your thoughts...
your mind

you start to wake up, eyes still closed
something pounding into your chest
your mouth a waterfall, emptying your lungs
eyes open

the man who had done so many evil things to you
and had just saved you
now holding the devil's grin
says "you can never get away"

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Rejected yet again
Not by words, but by silence
She screams into the darkness
As if no one can hear
Her secrets and her feelings
Confided in her blade
The blood dripping to the floor
Says more than words could ever say
She cuts not to feel pain
But to know that shes alive
And seeing the crimson stream
Adds colour to the black and white
A look into her soul
Reveals a dismal void
Lighted only by traces of the life that she destroyed
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If you knew you brought me harm

Blood flows through my veins
Keeping me alive
Filling every nook and cranny
Prolonging my demise
I have always thought my blood
Was put in me for one purpose
To be spilled on your account
Until there's nothing but a corpse
If only you knew that I
Was and will be yours
That my blood, my heart, my soul
Are under your great curse
My heart no longer beats
Unless i am with you
My whole, it seems, has deceased
But for you, i'll make it through
Every red ribbon
That decorates my arm
Is a sign of my great affection
And your painful scorn
I am both proud and disgusted
Of every red trail
It's proof that i love you
But also that I failed
What would you say if you saw the love?
Embelished on my arms
What would you do, my precious love
If you knew you brought me harm?
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Untitled 2

Even though you think my life isn't that bad
Stop telling me about what I have
People who love me
A house
A bed
A family
My health
And safety
Well you can have it all back
It hasn't helped me
They just made things worse
Than I ever thought they would be
What good are people who love you when it's not returned?
When good is a house when you've never had a home?
What good is a bed when you CAN'T sleep at night?
What good is a family when they're tearing you up inside?
What good is your health when you just want to die?
And what good is your safety when danger is the only thing keeping you alive?

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Valentine(starts out sweet don't be fooled)

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you."
I found these words inside a card
Wrapped in a ribbon
With my name enclosed in a heart
It was your last gift to me
Should have kept it to yourself
There's no use in pretending
OUR love is still in the air
All trust has been broken long ago
Alas you are still my Valentine
Yet this card of mine
Holds a different kind of poem inside
Inscribed in red
The words take off
Where your poem
Has stopped
For happy endings
Are merely stories
Not yet finished
"But the roses are wilted
The violets are dead
The sugar bowls empty
And my wrists are stained red."

sry it suks but I had to write this for Valentines

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