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ink, blood, tears, and tea

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hi, i write a bunch of poems, so i thought that it'd be nice to make a community for kids to post poems and stuff they write and get some feedback or something.

it's a good thing.

oh, by the way, i've made some *gasp* rules!
1. If you want to post photography, go ahead, we'd love to see it, but I ask that if you post more than one picture, you post it and then use a LJ cut, or be nice and LJ-cut the whole thing. if you dont' know how to us cuts then please read the livejournal.com FAQ found here.
2. this isn't really a rule, but i think it'd be nice if we could all give each other more feed back, that was kind of the purpose behind the creation of the community...to get your writing out there and get some applause/criticism along the way.

special thanks to Ian for coming up with this name and for the code!

community made by: Roxy addiction3 r_oxymoron
community designed by: Jon xenthrallx (Thanks Jon!!!)

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