Chrispy Rawr (nothineverythin) wrote in emopoetsociety,
Chrispy Rawr

t!ck tØck

Tick tock goes the clock of life
Another day passes by in stormy strife
A vessel in a restless tempest sea
I, wrestling the beast that won't let me be

Tick tock as the deadlock clicks
Why won't they leave me alone, those dreadful pricks
Words of poison that taint my soul
The toy of Death that rips a hole

Tick tock as war ravages within
Misery stems from death and sin
The heralds of battle, why won't they stop
As four saddle up, hear the hooves clop

Tick tock, the clock goes unstopped
Opposite of life, which feels like a lock
As it fades away, the tickity tock
Like the flight of a thousand-bird flock
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