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If you knew you brought me harm

Blood flows through my veins
Keeping me alive
Filling every nook and cranny
Prolonging my demise
I have always thought my blood
Was put in me for one purpose
To be spilled on your account
Until there's nothing but a corpse
If only you knew that I
Was and will be yours
That my blood, my heart, my soul
Are under your great curse
My heart no longer beats
Unless i am with you
My whole, it seems, has deceased
But for you, i'll make it through
Every red ribbon
That decorates my arm
Is a sign of my great affection
And your painful scorn
I am both proud and disgusted
Of every red trail
It's proof that i love you
But also that I failed
What would you say if you saw the love?
Embelished on my arms
What would you do, my precious love
If you knew you brought me harm?
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