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heres a poem i wrote this night.:

the whole ammount of pain iv ebeen through after th night you left me alone to cry my eyes out wherever u left me
i startd to typ a bit about this on the computer to my old livejournals and
i decided its not woorth it to me to get all up in my own sht becaus im lyks so totally scene.

the hole i pikd in my face thet night i startd then it creatd a whol lot of more drama fro me n it wasnt because i was to misfortunate to hav to creta big bloody mess for u to see
down with my pain i lost control of myself got in to the ca with someone i ccouldnt know drove me far
cant believ was happened that night alone without u becauseu dumped me because well, "we fight."
the poems the mindsets arn for u but contain ur unhelpfulness on a trip into the sewer of my mind because of all the drugs and relationships u thot i would like myself to be bound, to call them mine
as if i wantd all of those unstoppable sickly things as my own
i yet havent decided wat im going to do about you cuz im still alone.
dearest x i think u havent seen the worrst of it yet
something i cant explain via anythingbut spoken word
i thot i could help me i thot u could too.
the onleee time we spent togethrs now coming back closr to my mind i, u so rude i found someting that cured.
disasterous decisions i never made for my own bein
quiality time i nevr spent with myself
it was u who i asked it was u that i supplied my faith in through the
sickly after death feelings i needed help.
gone with the wind like a childhood class assignment
iam thrown away as u listen to music we all know reminds you of wat you think u need to keep doing to me
throughaway your memories throw them all away.
im really ok i really was ok **************************** i really was ok it didnt really matter if i was okay to you
it really doesnt matter you never understood the meaning of stay.

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