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the path of love and life

"The Path Of Love And Life"

My life in your hands.
Our secrets on our lips.
The hearts in control,
eating away at the soul.

Cold rushed river of blood.
Running through my veins.
What is the reality?
Show me no brutality.

Warmth of your smile.
It brightens my heart.
My wish came true,
as I've grown to know you.

There was no escape.
No end to this nightmare.
My hell on earth,
what is this worth?

The meaning of love.
It cant be explained in words.
The affection,
the connection.

Life seems to be an illusion.
Gods game of reality.
The reason to be,
just set me free.

It starts with our birth.
Must be one big cycle.
Good things for some,
the rest, it doesnt come.

Moonlight shines upon this earth.
Cast upon the pain and suffering.
Make these eyes bleed a tear,
the joy and hope must appear.

My heart stays black.
The bloods still cold.
The fears still here,
life is unclear.

Find the right path.
Lost in my sea of dreams.
Lost as I roam,
searching for the place to call my home.

This path keeps going.
Filled with twists and turns.
Inhaled my last breath,
the love has ceased my death.

Its love and its wonders.
Its life and its marvels.
I cant say goodbye,
I promise I wont die.

my poem to brandon, the special guy in my life.
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