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Holiday Wishes

It’s always the hardest to say I love you for the first time…but what about the last?

How is it, that we always have those feelings, yet they suddenly disappear?

How can people just decide something’s over, when there’s more than one person involved in it all?

Winter’s always wonderful, but this is the time when my heart freezes over

When the family’s all about, gleeful expressions hiding their discomfort, putting on a show for all to see

I’m disgusted, but I sit here nonchalantly

Pretending that my heart isn’t breaking too

I love these people so much, but it’s time for that final adieu

My hands are such tight fists

They’re claiming they love me, saying how much they’ll miss me

Funny, they have the pretense that they’ll see me again

Sad, I won’t miss a single one of them when I’m done

I think now..

It’s easiest to say goodbye when you know you’re going to die

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